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Dental and oral diagnostics

Uz izvēlni Diagnotika

Often, in case of tooth damage or pain, in order to accurately determine the cause of the pain, the diagnosis or the treatment method to be used for the patient, it is necessary to perform diagnostic radiology or X-ray of the oral cavity.

In our clinic, additional examination methods are used to confirm the diagnosis:

  • digital intraoral periapical radiography;

  • digital intraoral interproximal radiography.

Extraoral methods are also available:

  • digital orthopantomogram (panoramic X-ray);

  • digital radiograph of the mandibular-temporal joint (temporomandibular joint);

  • small field 3D cone beam computed tomography.​

And an extraoral diagnostic method,with the help of which you can make various prosthetic devices (crowns and bridges based on teeth and implants), orthodontic devices, both removable (plates, teeth correction graves) and non-removable (Herbst, Trex, Pendex, Hyrax): intraoral scanner (3shape TRIOS) .

Advantages of diagnostic methods

  • Accuracy.

  • The radiological material is stored in a computer program and can be accessed much more conveniently by both the patient and the doctor.

Radiation doses of radiological examinations:

  • Annual background radiation ~2400μSv

  • OPG (panoramic X-ray) – 82.7 μSv

  • BW (digital intraoral interproximal radiography) – 1.02–1.54 μSv

  • PA Rtg (digital intraoral periapical radiography) – 0.8–2.9 μSv

  • 3D (small field 3D cone beam computed tomography) – 218 μSv

  • It is possible to easily and quickly transfer data to laboratories for the production of hardware.

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