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PRF injekcijas

Prf injections

Injections with your own blood

One of the most promising achievements in recent years in medicine and aesthetic dermatology are injections with patient's own blood. They promote natural skin regeneration and allow the skin to look youthful.

This revolutionary method began with injections of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), but now the most common are the injections with PRF (with platelet-rich fibrin). The most popular is the I-PRF method, which effectively activates the skin's natural self-renewal mechanisms, activating the development of new cells.

The principle of this method lies in the unique composition of our own blood, which is much more effective than various chemicals. The procedure begins with a small amount of blood taken from the client's vein. Then they are placed in special equipment and transformed (centrifuged). At the end of the cycle, a concentrate of blood cells is produced, which releases growth factors. These growth factors, together with vitamins, amino acids, proteins and these biologically active substances, stimulates cell regeneration and are able to provide new high-quality collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

The method is completely natural and safe, it does not cause allergic side effects. It is more effective in combination with other skin rejuvenating methods. The procedure is not painless, but it is performed very quickly and it takes about 20 minutes. A rehabilitation period after injections is not necessary, only a tiny bruise may occur, which disappears relatively quickly. After the procedure, the first change is noticeable within few weeks, but the maximum effect is reached in 2 months. For excellent result, it is recommended to perform 3 procedures with an interval of 2-4 weeks.

Such a procedure definitely pays off if there are obvious signs of aging on the face - the skin is gray, tired, sagging and needs to be “cheered up”. For younger women, this is a great preventative way to keep facial skin in good condition as there will be less worries later.

Benefits of I-PRF:

  • Restoration of skin moisture level;

  • Improving skin elasticity and color;

  • Wrinkle reduction and smoothing;

  • Tightening of enlarged pores;

  • Reduction of acne damage in the active stage, for scar tissue smoothing;

  • To improve skin healing processes after various rejuvenation procedures;

  • Skin rejuvenation after operations, injuries, burns;

  • Improvement of the condition of hair that has lost vitality;

  • Cellulite treatment and stretch mark reduction;

Benefits of A-PRF (membrane):

  • Used in bone and soft tissue regeneration operations - sinus lift, bone or gum regeneration;


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