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Kirurgija uz izvelni

General surgery

You can also apply for diagnostic tests at our clinic:

  • Ultrasonography of the abdominal organs;

  • Duplex dopplerography of leg blood vessels.

We also provide vein surgeries:

  • Classical Varady vein surgery (miniflebectomy);

  • Endovenous treatment methods, using radiofrequency and laser surgery;

  • Venous sclerotherapy, which is a chemical ablation method for closing or removing a damaged or varicose vein by injecting a special drug into the vein - a sclerosant. Depending on the diameter of the damaged vein, sclerosant is used both in the form of foam and liquid. The advantage of foam sclerotherapy is that the foam completely fills the damaged section of the blood vessel, making maximum contact with its walls, so the effect on them is much stronger.

  • Benign skin and subcutaneous surgery.

"Mediven elegance" compression socks

"Mediven elegance" compression socks and tights are available at the clinic.

Special attention should be paid to leg veins:

  • if the ankles are swollen in the evening;

  • protruding venous nodules are present;

  • there is heavy feeling, which increases at the evening;

  • pain or leg seizures at night;

Compression socks help to solve these problems by creating pressure, thus improving blood flow from the feet, helping them to move upwards. Wearing compression socks in the postoperative period, ensures 50% of the successful leg vein surgery, they perfectly reduce edema for people with sedentary work, pregnant women and those who go on further flights.

Our specialists will advise you the exact size of compression socks or tights.



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